The Act of Free Choice was a genuine exercise in political self-determination

A well-documented declaration by Papuans demonstrated that the people of Papua showed their strong stand and commitment as part of Indonesia. In it, a number of Papuans even contested the Act of Free Choice as “unnecessary,” since they had considered themselves as part of Indonesia since its independence in 1945. The declarations were expressed from 1962 to 1968, by tens of thousands of petitions written by people in various places in Papua such as Manokwari, Fakfak, Doom, Kotabaru, Sorong, Serui, Munggei, Wamena, Tiom, Biak, Torea, Genyem, Mappi, and Warsa.

Source: Information Agency of the Province of Irian Barat.  Jayapura (no year): Full Commitment of the People of Papua: Collection of Declarations of the People of Papua to the cohesion of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke under the Red and White Flag.

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