Irrational Claim by Papua separatist group in UK

London, 16 October 2008 (ANTARA News) – KBRI London through Counsellor for Cultural and Public Diplomacy, Herry Sudradjat, wishes Indonesian public, especially in Papua and West Papua provinces, not to get provoked by the separatist actions in England.  

Herry’s comment came on Thursday after Papua pro independence group, FWPC (Free West Papua Campaign) launched International Parliamentarians for West Papua in England.

Herry believed this was a separatist act in pursuit of dividing Indonesia.

He learned that on 15 October at 3pm, around fifty people gathered behind closed doors in one of the British Parliament rooms.

They claimed England’s Papua pro independence group as part of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua launch.

Only two MPs present from outside England were members from Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.While three other British MPs were notorious for supporting Papua pro independence.

The activity inside the Parliament building did not receive much attention from other MPs, media nor the general public. It was not in the House of Common agenda nor recorded on the bulletin board at the building lobby.There was also a demonstration outside the building through singing and dancing before and after the launch.

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