The economy of West Papua

By Drs. J.E Hosio, M.Si. M..Th

The economy of West Papua province is dominated mainly by agriculture. This is understandable due to its high agricultural potential. Rice, yam, ground nuts, green beans are among the major green grocer produce with production total of 124,565 tons in almost 35,168 hectare or an average of 35.47 kw/ha.

Wildlife forest of 11,678 hectare is the smallest forest in this region. At the moment, there are two entrepreneurs operating here; Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group and Djajanti Group covering Fak-fak Regent, Sorong and Manokwari.

Fisheries and sea life resources are also significant in this area since it has a long stretch of coast line. The sustainable potential of big and small Pelagis fishes together with Demersal, prawn and squid are endless. Management of these commodities has even reached export phase.

Apart from agriculture, West Papua province also has huge mining potential with petroleum industry in Sorong and Teluk Bintuni. Others such as coal, gold, uranium, zinc, copper, chalk-stone, granite, mica and quartz sand are in abundance. 

Source : Papua Barat dalam Realitas Politik NKRI by Drs. Jusach Eddy Hosio, M.Si. (free translation)

papua barat dalam realitas politik

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