One People One Soul is Unity in Diversity

I used to think and speak in an easy way and put my trust in all my friends        

There’s so much thought to flow, but stuck within a hundred dead ends

What is the use of exchanging views and gathering hopes when nobody believes in

Playing my invisible harps to stay awake and waiting for honesty to believe in

My life’s a river, the song of water and the silent stone 

A useless fake sympathy will not match the tone

My heart’s a bird of paradise, the unheard song and unseen beauty   

A half-hearted help will only push us into a deeper guilty   

West Papua is a land of peace but why should I see so many fallen heroes                

West Papua is a beautiful place on earth but why so dark as sages                                    

One people one soul but why do they fight one another                                                         

Unity in diversity but why do they forget to respect each other

(P.S. 10.03.2012)

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