Papuans’ Expectations About Region’s Economic Growth Increasing: Survey

Jayapura – Papuans’ expectations about economic growth in their region are increasing, a survey conducted by the Jayapura branch of Bank Indonesia (BI) showed.

The survey done last January and February had aimed to measure the Papuan consumers’ confidence and the region’s economic conditions index.

“The survey conducted in Jayapura city (Papua province’s capital) and Manokwari city (West Papua’s capital) showed an increase in people’s expectations about Papua’s economy as a whole,” the vice head of BI’s Jayapura branch office, Aslan Lubis, said here on Friday.

He said the consumers’ confidence index in Jayapura in January 2012 was 132.02. The number rose to 137.03 in February. Meanwhile in Manokwari the consumers’ confidence index in January was 136.22 which was higher than February’s 134.43. However, he argued that the overall index (in Papua province and West Papua province) increased from 134.12 in January to 142.10 in February 2012.

On the economic conditions index in Jayapura, Aslan said the number was 129.60 in January 2012 and it rose the following month to 129.80. In Manokwari the index slightly decrease from 123.77 in January to 121.33 in February. However, the overall index increased from 126.68 in January to 134.07 in February.

“The consumers’ survey also showed that although security threats still exist in Papua and West papua provinces, people are still confident that the government can handle it,” he said.

He added according to the economic conditions survey, people believed that the present economic situation in both provinces was better than before.

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