UP4B Education Program

JUBI, published in late February 2012

The head of the Education and Teaching Services in Merauke District said that the number of sarjanas (graduates of tertiary education institutions) among indigenous Papuans can be counted on one’s fingers. He said that various programmes were being planned under the UP4B regulation which would hopefully make a contribution to the world of education in Papua.

Drs Vincentius Mekiuw said this when he was given an opportunity to speak at a meeting to socialise the UP4B at the Swiss-Belhotel a couple of days ago.

‘We all have the duty and responsibility to provide the greatest possible opportunity and motivation to Papuan children to pursue the sciences, in the same way that other people do.’

At the moment, he said, Professor Surya was seeking to raise the ambitions and dignity of Papuans by guiding and inspiring them. He referred to the achievements of Papuan youngsters in gaining places at worldwide Olympics. This shows that indigenous Papuans have indeed got the same qualities as other people.

‘Therefore, it is our duty and the responsibility of us all to educate Papuans from primary school level up to university level. If they are helped and can achieve a good level in the sciences, they will automatically become a model in serving the interests of the people back home in their kampungs,’ said Vincent.

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