Chairman of Papua Provincial Parliament (DPRP) Yunus Wonda invites young Papuan generation to increase the spirit of Indonesian nationalism


Jayapura (free translation from ).

By Markus Adii

Indigenous Papuan, Yunus Wonda is the best son of Indonesia from Puncak Jaya , Papua, who became the chairman of DPRP. He feels very moved and proud as the reader of Indonesian proclamation text at the 71th anniversary of Indonesian independence in Mandala field Jayapura with Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe act as the inspector of the ceremony.

Yunus Wonda said “sentences of proclamation are incredible, there is an intervention of God, when we read wholeheartedly we definitely feel thrilled, especially followed with 17 times cannon shot, extremely breathtaking”.

Yunus Wonda also invites all young Papuan people to promote the spirit of Indonesian nationalism and love the homeland Indonesia. Papua is currently on appeal to catch up the other provinces in Indonesia. President Jokowi wants concrete efforts in development, so it  must be followed seriously by improving the welfare of the people of Papua. Papua has distinguish difficult geographic conditions, some can only be reached by air transport, and still lack of roads and transportation system, thus causing high costs.

Mentioning the problem of delivering opinions in public, on July 12th, Yunus Wonda prohibited carrying the Morning Star flag and separatist attribute, and even asked that the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB) to cancel their intention to protest, because KNPB’s protest demonstration is a treason and against the ideology of Indonesia and disrupt the activities of government and society. He also criticized the way KNPB conducts its demonstration as brutal, without manners and unethical.


Related to an edict by Papua Police Chief, he assess it as positive policy for the benefit of society in Papua and he asks Papua Police to prevent KNPB’s vigilante actions, but also to keep the democratic space open in accordance with the rule of laws.

Yunus Wonda, a former Pilot deeply understand the problems of human resources in Papua, DPRP together with Papua provincial government want to accelerate the development, especially in the isolated hinterland area, so that the development programs in Papua through Autonomy can proceed according to the plan. The most important thing is that we should not give up premises circumstances, because difficulties and obstacles is surely always exist, but we have to overcome in any way.

On the other hand, Wonda who is also politician from Democrat Party, reminding all parties that Papua’s natural conditions are extremely difficult and the degree of expensiveness is so high and this has been understood by President Joko Widodo who strive to open trans-Papua road, repair airports and develop the extension of the runaway and sea toll road transportation program. DPRP will support any central government efforts to accelerate development in Papua but it must be in synergy with the Government of Papua for the right target.

Related to efforts to resolve the problem of Papua human rights issues in the past, which will be completed soon by the central government, Yunus Wonda gives full support in order to be settled. The most important thing is the implementation, transparency and fairness, so human rights can no longer be used as an issue in Papua.

On the occasion of the 71st Independence Day ceremony, Chairman of the DPRP say “Happy Independence Day” to the entire community in Papua for the realization Indonesia’s concrete efforts, especially in Papua.

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