Free West Papua (OPM) claim shooting heavy equipment operator in Papua


Terrorist Separatist Group of Free West Papua

by: Mohammad Arief Hidayat, Banjir Ambarita (Papua) – Free translation from – the Free West Papua Organization (OPM) has claimed responsibility for the death of Simon Tarukbaleu, a heavy equipment operator, after being shot on Monday, August 22, 2016.

Free West Papua group led by Puron Okinan Wena and Enden Wanimbo acknowledged that their troops were shot dead Simon in the village of Kome, District Malagaineri, Lany Jaya, Papua. Puron frankly suspects Simon disguised as soldiers or informants apparatus.

“Yes, yes, four people of my troops shot the road construction workers,” said Puron contacted via mobile phone on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Puron and his troops claimed to know every single person, including heavy equipment operators working on the construction of roads in the area Lany Jaya. But Simon a new worker was unknown. “So we thought he was the enemy, the soldiers, who are seeking information. Even when he was asked, he did not answer, so we executed him.”

OPM let anyone who wants to carry out development to enter the Lany Jaya, except soldiers. They were considered Indonesian soldiers as the enemy of Free West Papua.

Puron even openly identified the soldier who shot Simon, namely Jamdua Tabuni. Indeed, there are four soldiers that went to the location but only Jamdua that executes Simon with AK47 rifles.

Puron was also responded to the reaction of the Regent Lany Jaya, Befa Jigibalon, who condemned the shooting and stop the construction of roads. He did not mind the construction was halted and stressed that the military should not be entering the territory.

Puron Wenda also stated stance ready to fight with security forces. “All kinds of weapons we have. We are always ready to fight with Indonesia,” he said.

The shooting of Simon to occur while carrying out road works. Four members of Puron Wenda’s Free West Papua Armed wing then went to the location and had questioned the victim. After that, the victim was shot brutally in the head and chest to penetrate the left ribs and died on the spot. The perpetrators do not intimidate other employees and back into the woods after executing Simon. (Ase)

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